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On the market today, there are hundreds of types of sewing machines, cheap products below $ 50, the mid-range price of 150-250 dollars and more high-end products such as electronic sewing machines, industrial machines costing more than $ 500, or many older products purchased on repair and reuse. However, many products of unclear origin or poor quality products are purchased, which can only be used for a short time and broken or lost the troubling repair or discouraged to sewing learner. This serger reviews will give some comments which can help you select the best product more easily.

The household Sewing Machines Brother As1430s

The household Brother As1430s

Overall this is a line of sewing machines are many choices today not only because affordable but the quality is also very good and has many support functions. The machine is manufactured by Brother, is a brand leading manufacturer of sewing machines in the world with a variety of sewing machines, embroidery machines, industrial sewing machines, there are many products priced under 250 USD or more than $ 500 also, has been a lot of people use the information.

For the price: $150 to normal rates, or have more promotions fell 135 USD, this is a fairly cheap price compared to other family sewing machine.

Design: very compact, weighing less than 6kg, can be easily moved and are designed a very beautiful machine that anyone sisters liked.

Feature: Sewing over 14 basic lines, conventional machines for this price range usually support only about 7 lines or less, and also many other functions such as fast bobbin, make snap 4 Steps needle-double.

Juki sewing machine HZL-29Z family

Juki HZL-29Z family

Juki is a big brand is famous for household items of JAPAN international standards. Juki products are known for high quality, most users will feel the uncertainty and durability of the machine, and you can sew without worrying broken when sewing on the fabric thickness. Thanks to the rugged design that also acts quieter than the others and that are why so many people choose to use Juki line despite higher prices of other airlines company.

Feature: If compared to the same price series, JUKI sewing machine that supports the road just less than the other products, the machine supports 22 lines, but there is also a lot of numbers already, so no must have been exhausted. The machine also supports many functions such as supporting pierced only, cut only, with redundancy, automatic nose again.

Brother sewing machine AS2730s

Brother AS2730s

In terms of features: With more than 27 garments are basic seam zigzag patterns, blind hem, triangle, feather … You can even create multiple templates differ only by adjusting the length and width of the stitch. Are also a lot of other features: snap buttons, making a step button, pierced only fast, network fabric, sewing propeller … to work sewing easier than before. Also the maximum capacity of the machine only: 51W very energy efficient and can support more accurate LED helps when sewing.

Recently we read about on the Brother machine 2730s. In general prices and features between the two products are identical Gs2700s and As2730s, are priced around 220 dollars, can sew 27 sugars and can only be sewing thick fabrics such as denim, khaki…. The difference is in the design of GS2700s, if you’re a fan of the compact sewing machine, this is what you are looking for. Size smaller than the Brother machine and other machines the 2730s (Size: 36x 17x27cm and machines as 2730s: 55x11x47.7cm) looked very soft and very beautiful plant with blue and white colors is harmonious and elegant.

The number of machines only Brother lines GS 2700s Brother machine is similar as in 2730 with the above.

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