7 Common Mistakes New Moms Make

If this is the first time you have a baby, you will likely receive a lot of advice from the other experienced people. Be careful!!!Not all habits are good for your little child. This article will show you 7 biggest mistakes you usually make whenever looking after him.

Worrying too much and a shortage of experience can cause a large number of problems when caring your child. That is why you should take 7 mistakes below into consideration in order to prevent the negative effects on his current health and growing process.


Every parent desires to give their children the best caress

The period of breastfeeding is short

Breast milk not only contains a great deal of nutrients necessary for the development of your infant but it also positively effects on his immune system.That is why all specialists advice that the period of babies’ breastfeeding should last at least 6 months since they born. It is even better if you let him suckle within his first year.

Start solids too soon

According to a recommendation of some dieticians, the baby should only start weaning when he is over 5 or 6 month-old ages. Unlike your common belief, the early solids do not support the growth of your baby. Whereas, in contrast,it seriously afflicts on his digestive systems.

In this period,it has not fully developed yet, therefore, he can only drink nutrient liquids for the main meals. No matter you feed your baby cereals or rice,giving him wearing too early can cause diarrhea and nausea, more seriously,colitis, bloody diarrhea, or gastrointestinal disorders in the long term.

Prevent you baby from bath because of possibly getting cold.

There is no need for you to give your infant a shower regularly. However, he also needs to bath in order to avoid the entering of harmful bacteria into his body.In fact, you should bathe him at least 3 times per week. One thing you should note is that soaking your infant into the water over 5 minutes can cause his sickness. If he is over 3 months old, the period of the bath can last longer, at about 10 minutes. He can gradually be familiar with this activity. As soon as bathing, you should immediately warm and massage him by oil. This can likely prevent him from having a bad cold.

Bring him to see the doctors late

Your infant, especially the one under 2 months old will likely bring many serious sequels in the future in case you do not immediately bring them to the hospital right after he gets sick.These abnormalities can be a convulsion, water deficiency, weak respiration and cardiovascular, coagulopathy, aftereffects of nerves and movements. More seriously, it can cause the early death.


You should immediately bring your sick baby who is over 380C to the hospital

Misunderstand the utility of talcum powder

The absorbance of this substance is very high, therefore, it is very useful for preventing your child from the development of rash and humidity. However, if you abuse the talcum powder too much, especially in the hot weather, it can cause the clogged pores, then bring some skin allergies. Also, while using it, let him avoid the wind in order to prevent him from directly inhaling it and bring some serious inspiration injuries


It is necessary to carefully choose the talcum powder for your baby 

Tie tower around his body too tightly

Besides some wonderful benefits, wrapping your baby in a tower can cause some serious. Some studies show that this act can increase the possibility of pneumonia to four times. Also, it negatively effects on the development of his hip.

When bringing your newborn baby outside, you must be very worried about whether he is warm enough to avoid sicknesses or not. In this case, wearing many clothes for him must be your first choice. However, in the extremely hot weather, this act can cause the counterproductive results.

Regularly cut his hair

Many people believe that cutting the hairs of babies can stimulate them to grow up faster. However, this rumor is definitely not true.From the academic perspective, cutting the hairs of infants is dangerous. You can only do this act only when your child is over 1-year-old. The early haircuts can cause some big obstructions which are not useful for the dry skin of his head.

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