Why do you need a FRAM oil filter?

All vehicles need an oil filter to keep it moving smoothly as well as to protect the vehicle’s engine. To meet the need’s vehicle’s owners, each year, manufacturers have produced a wide range of different types of the oil filter, so the buyers can choose any kind they want, depending on their preference. There are a lot of different brands which are produced the oil filter, so you may not know which one is better.
If we just think about the price or which brand is cheaper, it is quite easy for all of us to choose. However, if we take both the price and the quality into the consideration, this task is really a challenge. People always wonder which type they should buy. They don’t want to spend too much money on buying an oil filter, but they want to get the best oil filter.

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This hard question is still a hot issue for both the users and the manufacturers. To produce an oil filter with a cheap price, the manufacturers mainly take the use of the bad materials. By this way, they can get the interest a huge number of customers. While others pay more attention to the quality of the oil filters. This oil filter is much more expensive, but its life is longer.
We can recommend a brand with the highest quality oil filter, but the price is reasonable for you to refer. It is a FRAM oil filter. You may think that this brand is not reputable as other big brands in the world. However, if you take the time to learn about it, you will see that the products of this brand can meet these two factors as you expect.

1. Why you should choose the FRAM oil filter

There remains an array of different reasons why you should give your priority to the products of this manufacturer. But, we should look at its information first. The FRAM oil filter is engineered for the conventional motor oil, which is very useful for the users.
The oil filter of this brand is made from Cellulose and Glass blended. With this material, your engine will be protected in a proper way. Furthermore, it also provides fully protection for the oil change intervals which reach to 5.00 miles.
Additionally, the FRAM oil filter can withstand a large amount of the dirt and contaminant. It will remove the contaminant to keep the oil clean. The efficiency of the filtration is about 95 percent.
The design of this oil filter is incredible and it can leave a deep impression for all people at the first time using. Their goal is to try to balance both the dirt holding capacity and dirt trapping efficiency.

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To follow this goal, the manufacturer takes the advantage of a special fiber blend and exchanges it to a proprietary filter. This filter can deliver an extreme excellent protection for the vehicle’s engine. The FRAM oil filter is a perfect filter for all drivers who maintain their vehicles more frequently.

2. How to install the FRAM oil filter

If you just apply the oil filter at the first time, you may have a lot of different questions and do not know how to install it. Today, we will provide you the detail installation instruction, including 8 steps:

  • After having a good protective gear, you can start now. In this step, you have to put a drain pan under the unscrew oil filter and the oil filter. You need to be more careful.
  • To install it, you will need the help of a proper protective gear. You can buy this gear at any store in all over the world. To protect yourself, you are not allowed to let it exposed to your bare skin. Maybe, the oil engine is hotter than you think and it can leave burns on your skin immediately.
  • Next, you should spend a little time to clean the mounting base to ensure that the “O” ring of the old filter is unable to trap the filter mount.
  • Then, look at the filter gasket; you need to place a film of clean oil. Remember that do not take the use of grease.
  • After finishing the above step, let attach the new filter and adjust it until the gasket reaches the base contact. You had better follow the instruction for guide markers.
  • You should check the specification of your engine to know which oil fits it properly. You may need to refer the owner’s manual for the right oil. Besides, it is better for the vehicle’s owners to check both amount and viscosity of the oil.
  • This step may be easier, because you are demanded for adding full oil on the dipstick. Wait for about 5 minutes. If you do not see the oil leaks, it is done.
  • The last step is to shut down the engine. But, you need to turn it on after 5 minutes to recheck the level of the oil and the top off to make for sure that there is no problem with your engine. Do not ignore this step!

Those are all steps for you to install a FRAM oil filter that you can consider whenever applying an oil filter to your engine. If possible, you should change the oil more regularly and check the oil filter to find out the problems early and have the best solutions. A frequent check can last the longevity of an oil filter and help you to save a great deal of money, instead of buying the new ones.

Final thoughts

The FRAM oil filter may be not the most famous brand in the world, but you can completely trust in their products. Many people are using the FRAM oil filter and they feel satisfied with this brand. They also do not intend to change. If you plan to buy an oil filter and you are wondering, you may note this brand down and refer their products.

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